Capital Market and Securities Authority

Capital Markets Universities and Higher Learning Institutions Challenge (CMUHLIC)


In order to ensure there is impartiality in the challenge the winners of the competition will be subjected to the following rules;

  1. The challenge will be open to all universities and higher learning institutions in Tanzania and Zanzibar. However the participating students should neither be employees nor relatives of Board Members and employees of Capital Markets Authority; the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange or Intermediaries Licensed by CMSA;
  2. Participation for the Quiz Competition must be via a mobile phone and by subscribers who have been duly registered in Tanzania and who must register for the competition using the said mobile phone;
  3. The Competition will run within the specified dates of the competition such that entries for the competition will be taken within the specified period and format;
  4. The CMSA reserves the right to disqualify any participant or withdraw any prize awarded to such participants for tampering with the process including, but not limited to canvasing or submitting an entry which is not in accordance with the terms and conditions of the competition;
  5. Further to becoming winners in their respective categories the top 20 winners from each category will be subjected to an oral interview under panel of judges to gauge their capability and ensure that the winners are students from the respective institutions;
  6. The final winners of the competition will be determined by the panel of judges through an oral interview which will be conducted transparently under panel of independent judges and will be receive live television coverage.
  7. Award of prizes will thereon be announced and awarded live.
  8. The top 80 winners will be required to invest not less than 33% of their prizes money into a portfolio of investment in the capital markets.